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Solution For Education   

GRANDHUB is an ideal device to engage today’s young students, increasing students and teachers collaborate and enhancing class participation, with interactive functionalities and Ultra large 4K Display


Student Engagement

Efficiency Learning


and Inspire


Student Engagement

GRANDHUB provides smooth real time drawing tools, showcases up to 3 different students can write in a variety of colors and thickness at the same time, which enhanced class participation and connect the entire class for an easy and fun learning experience.

Efficient Learning Experience

GRANDHUB is powerful educational equipment with Ultra large 4 K display to keep a larger auditorium involved in a lecture which allow s students to see all the details Meanwhile, it helps students work together to generate new ideas, share, and learn together.

Innovate and Inspire

The dual operating system supports a range of 3 rd party professional applications, and it assists teachers in bringing a diversity of interactive learning experience and enhance class participation

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