Inspiration comes from technology 



 Inspiration comes from technology 

GRANDHUB is an all in one product integrating multiple audio visual technologies specifically designed for conferencing solutions. It incorporates the functions of a projector, whiteboard, webcam and PC into one single device which also has the compatibility with various 3rd party conferencing software and other applications.


Effective Cost & Space Saving 

Improve Productivity 

Increase Knowledge Sharing 

Establish Virtual Team Building Anytime Anywhere

Create a Collaborative Workplace 

Go Beyond Normal Office Applications 

Unique Features

Superior Quality Video Conference Experience


Utilize the embedded high-quality camera to conduct real time, face-to-face interaction virtually with multiple parties beyond geographical boundaries.

Digital Whiteboard 

The user-friendly interface and intelligent gesture recognition system transform Digital Whiteboard to an essential tool for everyday meetings.

Wireless Multi-device Mirroring

Share individual screen onto GRANDHUB wirelessly to embrace all audiences for synchronized information sharing, whether that is from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.