Conference Board
CO-WORKING HUB replaces multimedia devices in traditional conference, teaching, training and other application scenarios
It integrates PC, Android tablet, high-quality display, touch writing, infinite screen transmission and other functions, as well as a variety of video conferencing software and hardware and abundant office applications.
    M E E T I N G
    Intelligent technology has entered our office field. We can feel obvious changes in efficiency and convenience.
    With the help of intelligent devices, traditional conferences have not only evolved in hard power, but also acquired more humanized and diversified features. It can bring us more surprises when we use it in our daily office.
    Replacement of traditional meetings
    Hardware device
    High efficiency
    Conference application
    Traditional whiteboard limited writing, intelligent whiteboard art strokes, freehand writing, arbitrary annotations can also be enlarged and reduced arbitrary dragging.
    Cooperative Office
    It provides powerful software and hardware support for remote conference, and can transmit conference collaboration scenarios in real time, without delay and with high quality.
    Whiteboard writing
    Inductive pen writing
    Video conference
    1080 HD pixels,Video and Presentation are synchronized
    Whiteboard writing
    Wi-Fi Screen Delivery System
    Dual system
    one crick,Convert android to windows

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      GrandWon G-HUB Interactive Conference Board makes the meeting become simpler and more efficient.