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Solution for Education   

Improve Student Engagement

Inspire from Digital Education

GrandHub is an all in one product that combines the functions of a projector, whiteboard, digital signage, and PC into one single device, and integrates interactive learning and teaching practices. Compared to the traditional blackboard, GrandHub is a perfect interactive tool to engage students in the modern classroom.

Engage Student

GrandHub provides up to 3 different students that can make notes via Smart Pen at the same time and with hand gesture shortcuts like a drag, zoom in/out and erase, which can create better inspiration and collaborative learning environment.

Efficient Learning Experience

Mirroring their worksheet to the GrandHub screen wirelessly from student’s their own devices, raise their attention and involvement during the class.

Wireless multi devise mirroring provides the two way interactive control system , students can share real time annotate and ideas from their own devices.

Collaborative Education

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