Office & Education

Office Solutions


We offer one-stop solutions for office by our ICB (Interactive Commercial Board) products


FEATURES: HD LED touch screen, High Precision, Customized design, Webcam, Multi-point touch, remote meetings, Sensitive response, Powerful configuration.

Application Area: Government agency, Training institution, Conference Room.

Education Solutions


FEATURES: Multi-point touch, Anti-glare interference, Sensitive response, Powerful configuration, Customized appearance, Broad applicability, Remote control.

Application Area: Bank, office, Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Airport, Train Station, etc.

Application Scenario

Conference Room

People are often not prepared to lodge documents properly to a government agency. Our solution can provide the best medium to walk them through the process before lodging any documents.

Training Institution

The effectiveness of a learning experience very often depends on the medium that used to deliver it. We provide tailored solutions for training institution that suits their needs.

Government Agency

Pointing with a laser pointer, or using a touchpad in presentation has always been awkwardly difficult. It is just easier and more intuitive to touch whatever you are pointing at.