Centres & O2O

Data & Security Centre

FEATURES: Intelligent terminals, Synchronous display, Anti-glare interference, Powerful processor, Powerful configuration, Customized appearance, Broad applicability, Remote control.

Application Area: Security center, Global inventory management, Logistic organization.

O2O – A Touch to the World


FEATURES: Intelligent fitting, Mobile interactive, Experience sharing, Electronic payment, Precise capacitive touch, Intelligent interactive experience, Extra-wide display, High brightness display.

Application Area: Clothing industry, Chain group, Shopping centre, Cross-boarder e-commerce, Restaurant, Office, Bar, Metro Station, Airport, Hotel.

Application Scenario

Fashion Industry

Intelligent fitting transforming clothes from the internet onto you within seconds.

Chain Group

Our smart solution allows international enterprise to manage its global inventory and logistic through our smart data center.

Shopping Centre

Our customized security center enhances the surveillance capability of large venues like a shopping center.