Digital Signage


FEATURES: Synchronous playing, Diverse smart shows, Built-in Decoding, Smart switch, Appearance customization, WIFI+LAN, Ultra-low power consumption, Brightness sensor. Application Area: Shopping Mall, Hotel, Airport, Train Station, Shops etc.

LCD Display Wall


FEATURES: Splice freely, Intelligent color management, Ultra narrow flat-fell seam, Intelligent color temperature, High definition display, Multi-signal inputs.

Application Area: Security and protection monitoring, Display wall, Control Center, Dispatcher control.

Application Scenario

Display Wall

Our customized panel can be installed on a wide range of different walls. In addition, it can be each panel can be spliced as you wish.

Commercial Building

Our unique structure allows our panel to be Solidly attached to the building.


Our signage is adaptive to the environment’s brightness.


Our displayer is able to illustrate the sharpest color.