Interactive Commercial Board

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Display characteristics
Display Size 55inch
Display Resolution 1920*1080Pixel
Brightness ≤320cd/㎡
Responding speed 8ms
Viewing angle 178°
Touch features
Touch technology Z2.0 program
The thickness of the border 6.6mm
Frame rate ≥120/s
Allow maximum offset <0.2cm
Minimal identification pen 2mm
Touch way Handwriting/pen writing
multi-touch Six rough pens, pen writing and ten point touch
Port configuration
The front port HDMI 2.0 / In * 1,60Hz,

USB Touch * 1,

USB 2.0 * 2, OPS, Android Multiplex

Rear input interface HDMI 2.0 in * 1 , support 4K@60Hz / 2K@60Hz
USB Touch * 1,
USB 2.0 * 1,Android
USB 2.0 * 1,Android、windows reuse
USB 3.0 * 1,Android、windows reuse (Andriod3.0,PC2.0)
RS232 * 1,
RJ45 * 1 IN
WiFi antenna interface
Rear output interface HDMI 2.0 Out * 1, support 4K,1080 output
Phone jack(3.5mm )* 1,
RJ45 * 1 OUT
OPS interface support 2k/60HZ, 4K/60Hz 80pin
Sound power
Rated power 2*15w
Horn size ≥3 inch
Sound quality The sound is loud and clear, and the use of a 60-square-meter boardroom area is clear
Frequency Range 120Hz~20KHz (-3dB)
Sensitivity 80~85 dB
Support physical board wipe & brush writing Support physical board wipe (do not support writing brush)
Software function
Microphone parameters
Pickup distance 8m
Frequency response 30Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity -36dB( 0dB= 1V/1Pa.1dHz)
Automatic echo cancellation, automatic noise reduction, automatic gain
Camera parameters
Number 1
Horizontal perspective > 84 ° wide angle
Full HD / 30 full HD output